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Improve your vision and ensure you enjoy healthy eyes for as long as possible.

Eyes should be cared for on a regular basis. Just like You should visit the dentist once a year, you should also have Your eyes examined regularly. Why? To improve Your vision and make sure You get to enjoy good vision for as long as possible. Most of the dangerous eye diseases don't show any signs until they start causing serious problems and limit Your lifestyle, which is why early detection is so important. The fee for a thorough audit is € 139.

NB! At present, due to high demand for Vison Audits, we have extended waiting times and are unable to take on new clients temporarily.

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A photo of Ants Haavel pointing at the eye test chart.

Hi, I’m Dr Ants Haavel

As the founder of KSA Eye Center, I'm proud to lead our medical activities with a deep commitment to enhancing vision and improving lives.

Having corrected nearly 30,000 pairs of eyes, my journey in ophthalmology has been enriched by extensive global learning, from the University of Tartu where I began in 1989, to advanced professional courses across Europe and Asia.

My expertise is not just based on education but on real-world experience in countries like Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, and beyond.

Beyond my professional life, I find joy in reading and sailing, which I believe adds to my perspective as a surgeon.

Trust and credibility in my work come from this blend of global knowledge, hands-on practice, and a genuine passion for what I do.

Dr Ants Haavel