Making your dreams come true – some specific advice

People are always dreaming of many different things. Some dream of travelling to an exotic destination, some of a better car, some of a promotion, some of finishing university. Others dream of having children, finding the love of their life, or of even having excellent eyesight. So how can you make your dreams come true?

New Year has always been a time for resolutions for the coming year and weighing up our successes for the previous year. It’s a time for taking stock of things.

* What were your biggest achievements in 2015?
* What were the biggest lessons?
* What are you most proud of from last year?
* Which dreams did you fulfill and make come true?

Many sadly discover they haven’t made any of their dreams come true throughout the year. And if asked why, they often just can’t say. John Lennon once said that life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. And that’s how our dreams often get obscured by our daily lives and don’t happen as quickly as we would like. If at all…

People such as trainers and entrepreneurs have developed different systems for setting and achieving goals. Briefly, the stages in setting and achieving goals are the following:

1. Set specific goals

Decide what you really want out of life: what to achieve and where to go. The better you know your own desires, the easier it is to achieve them. Write down all your goals, dreams, and desires. Be as specific as you can.

2. Set a specific date for achieving your goals

If you know there is something you want to do in 2016, set a date for getting it done. For example, if you’re finishing university in spring, in summer you can go for a trip around Scandinavia. In September you can do a cooking course. And in December, just before Christmas, you can get that new hair style you’ve been wanting. Every month you can read at least one book. And because you want great eyesight for your summer trip, a month or two beforehand you can get that sorted.

3. Set aside some time every day for your dreams.

An excellent life is made up of excellent days. To turn your ideas into reality you need to regularly and systematically dedicate time and energy to them. If we want to lose weight and, for example, in three months’ time get down to a certain pant or dress size, then we should work on this bit by bit every day. Go over the dreams and goals you have set for yourself and work out what you can do daily and weekly to get them done.

We meet people every day whose dream is to have excellent eyesight.Many dream, anticipate, and save money, but put off making the decision into the distant future. But when they’ve had the Flow procedure done they ask themselves why they waited so long. We only live once and it’s a great shame to end a year without having made even one dream come true.

Vii oma unistus täide!

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