Why Autumn Is the Best Time for Eye Laser Treatment?

KSA Vision Clinic's clients often inquire about the best time for getting laser eye procedures. While each season has its pros and cons, there's no doubt that autumn is one of the best times for getting your eyes fixed. Why?

"Everything is new in September!" This saying gives many people the push and motivation to start a new season, almost like a second beginning of the year, with an improved quality of life by getting rid of glasses. The golden autumn, with its vibrant leaves, flocks of birds flying into the distance, and mushroom picking in the forest, offers special moments to savor. Say goodbye to blurry vision and experience the world with a sharp gaze!

Although, in reality, the seasons don't have a medical impact on laser eye treatments or recovery nowadays, some seasons have advantages that many savvy clients at KSA take advantage of. Here are a few reasons why planning your eye laser procedure in autumn is a very sensible idea!

You Can Forget About Rain-Soaked or Foggy Glasses

All eyeglass wearers around the world share one common problem – foggy eyeglasses. This issue is most noticeable in autumn. Stepping from the cold outdoors into a warm room causes your eyeglass lenses to fog up instantly, and your uncertainty escalates from one to ten in seconds. Rain makes wearing glasses troublesome too – there's nothing to see through rain-soaked lenses, and cleaning them is also a challenge because they get wet again in a matter of seconds. After a laser procedure, you won't need glasses anymore, and you can forget about foggy or wet eyeglasses for good.

You Avoid Harsh Sunlight

Harsh sunlight can be hard on your eyes after a laser treatment, causing stress. In the summer, bright light can be challenging for eyes recovering from laser treatment. However, it's the opposite in winter – there's significantly less sunlight, which can also strain your eyes.

After a laser procedure, your eyes may be sensitive, and adapting to bright colors and light takes time. Autumn is the ideal time, as it falls between summer and winter.

Autumn Allows You to Be Home Without Guilt

After a bustling summer, autumn seems like a season that encourages us to slow down. Colder and rainier weather, less daylight, and a more homely rhythm of life also favor recovery from laser procedures. If you plan your laser procedure for autumn, the time spent recovering at home won't feel like a "waste" compared to, say, the middle of summer. Moreover, you only need seven days for recovery, after which you can resume your regular routine with excellent vision!

Your Eyes Will Be in Perfect Shape for Winter's Chill

Have you experienced that extremely cold weather can make your eyes dry and itchy? Winter's chill and low temperatures can affect your overall visual acuity. Dealing with fog, snow, and blizzards is already challenging, and wearing glasses or contact lenses on top of that makes winter weather even more demanding.
By getting a laser procedure in autumn, your eyes will have recovered perfectly for winter, and your vision will be as sharp as an eagle's! Snowball fights, romantic mist, or wild snowstorms are eagerly awaiting your enjoyment because there will be no worries about your vision.

Spring Is Allergy Season

Spring is another season that's not too cold or too hot, but unlike autumn, it brings an allergy season, which can complicate getting a laser procedure. Spring brings a lot of dust from the asphalt and blooming plants in the air. All of this can make your eyes itchy, red, watery, or irritated. If your eyes are irritated or allergic, recovery from a laser procedure can also be more challenging and uncomfortable.

You'll Be Ready for the Busiest Time of the Year

Another compelling reason to get your eyes fixed in autumn is the upcoming December. Christmas and the holiday season are times when the pace is fast, with plenty of parties and hustle and bustle.
While KSA Vision Clinic is a popular choice for getting laser procedures around Christmas, as many people have time off, the cleverest ones are those who get their eyes fixed in autumn. By Christmas, your vision will be sharp, and you won't have to spend the holidays in recovery.

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Embrace a brighter world, free from glasses and contacts

Step into a life of visual freedom and discover is laser eye surgery is right for you with a appointment

Embrace a brighter world, free from glasses and contacts

Step into a life of visual freedom and discover is laser eye surgery is right for you with a appointment

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